To MBA or Not to MBA… That truly is the [right] Question

Titilope 16/03/2016 Job Market, Qualifications

In this competitive world we have found ourselves in today, being mediocre often translates to being a failure. Everyone is striving to be great, if not the best, and one of the ways we go about pursuing greatness is through Higher Education.

Furthermore, there was the time having merely a high school/ secondary school degree was enough. But now, even a Bachelor’s degree is not as sufficient anymore. The number of individuals with Masters and Doctorate/Professional degrees has increased exponentially within the last five years, making them the most sought-after forms of higher education. The question then becomes, should one pursue an advanced degree and when is the best/right time to do so?

Most people believe the most appropriate time to pursue an advanced degree is right after school(undergraduate level). They want to get it all over and done with, so that when they have finally graduated, they can take on employment full force. Some others believe to have gathered a few years of work experience first before pursuing the advanced degree. Then there’s that other segment that do not see the point/ necessity of an advanced degree- except it is currently demanded for a particularly job/ career path. As everyone has their views, here’s ours:


In summary, do not get an MBA because you feel pressured by family, peers, or society. However, get one if it is in line with your (carefully thought-out) career goals and you have deducted a higher percent gain from acquiring one. That being said, we wish you the very best in your decision.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree?