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Titilope 30/03/2016 How to Find a Job, Job Market

Recruitment Agencies Can Help

So you can finally call yourself a graduate now. You have done all that hard work and it is time for it to start paying off, but how do you start?! And for some of you who aren’t new to the professional scene/ workforce, moving forward in your career isn’t as dandy as you hoped.

Even if you have prepared yourself fully for the next steps in your career, landing YOUR dream job can come with push-backs and rejections you may not have anticipated. So this is where WE come in. In case you never thought about it before, one of the best ways of landing that dream job is to utilize the expertise of a recruitment agency.

A Recruitment Agency acts an intermediary between an organization that has a vacant position to fill and job-seekers who are in search of a suitable/ ideal job according to their skills. What usually happens is that the agency gathers as many résumés/ CVs that are submitted by job-seekers and matches people up with job openings that most closely suits their skills and expertise.

When  meeting with a recruiter, it is important to treat the meeting as professionally and be as honest as possible- just like you would at an interview. Dress smartly, speak eloquently, answer questions directly, as showing the recruiter you are prepared and mean business makes them easily remember you (and increases your chances of being put forward for higher paying jobs).

What else May I Need The Recruitment Agency For?
Simple…everything Job-Acquiring related! Let’s list a few:

  • Interview skills- a recruiter can help you brush up on your interviewing skills, as they are usually in the best place to give you feedback on how you did during an interview and ways to improve.
  • Résumé/ CV writing- you will be amazed how many errors one can come across on your CV that you may have been oblivious to. Even errors as simple as misplaced punctuation, grammatical, or even formatting can cause an employer to dismiss you and not trust your professionalism or attention to detail.
  • Career growth- you may not be actively looking for a new job, however due to the fact that you have expressed interest in further developing your career, they will begin an active search for you and as soon as something favorable comes up, they deliver the message directly to you (via phone call or e-mail).

 The Importance of Finding the Right Agency?
Just like you want to find the right position and importantly in the right organization too, it is likewise as important to build a relationship with a good recruitment agency. A good agency, while building a relationship with you, will start to recognize companies and positions that will fit your skills and personality. It then becomes a cycle; whereby a positive long-term relationship gained can result in you recommending the agency to others, using the agency if you wish to change jobs, and [dependent on your position] you may use them to recruit new staff at the company you are with.

What Next?
After your initial meeting with the agency the hard work of finding relevant positions then lies in the hands of the agency. They bring to you the relevant jobs, which in turns saves you time and on other resources.

It is a great feeling to know that someone sincerely has your back in your career progression. Good recruitment agencies will provide a supportive network to you and talk you through roles that may be suitable for you. This means that you will be fully briefed and can prepare properly for interviews (with prospective employers). However, DO NOT always rely on just the information provided to you by the recruitment agency. Do your own research: check out the company’s website, blog posts, and their social media sites. Always be ready, because there is only so much a recruiter can do for you to get a job. The fate of getting hired ultimately lies in your hands.

We hope this post has been helpful. Kindly leave your comments below if you have any questions.