Ideal Salary For a Graduate

Titilope 07/04/2016 Job Market, Recent Graduate

We have heard a number of recent graduates ask this tiring question: what should I expect to earn as a graduate?

However, this is the wrong question and the wrong approach when searching for an [ideal] job. Your focus should be more on the experience you hope to acquire on the job. That is the only time after which you can make demands on how much you should receive and how much to expect. Remember this,

Expectations come with Validation

Expecting anything above N 100,000 needs to be validated to the employer why you are worth so much. This is where your skills, level of experience, outlook on life and work, etc. comes in play and helps prove your case.

And even if you have your eye on a particular role in a particular company/ industry, it is very okay to start somewhere subpar. In fact, we recommend it. This is because you begin to gain the experience your dream job/role is seeking and when you are ripe enough, you can apply to that organization with confidence and better equipped.

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