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Ideal Salary For a Graduate

Titilope 07/04/2016

We have heard a number of recent graduates ask this tiring question: what should I expect to earn as a graduate?

However, this is the wrong question and the wrong approach when searching for an [ideal] job. Your focus should be more on the experience you hope to acquire on the job. That is the only time after which you can make demands on how much you should receive and how much to expect. Remember this,

Expectations come with Validation

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Land Your Dream Job!

Titilope 30/03/2016

Recruitment Agencies Can Help

So you can finally call yourself a graduate now. You have done all that hard work and it is time for it to start paying off, but how do you start?! And for some of you who aren’t new to the professional scene/ workforce, moving forward in your career isn’t as dandy as you hoped.

Even if you have prepared yourself fully for the next steps in your career, landing YOUR dream job can come with push-backs and rejections you may not have anticipated. So this is where WE come in. In case you never thought about it before, one of the best ways of landing that dream job is to utilize the expertise of a recruitment agency.

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9 Common Résumé/CV Errors To Avoid

Titilope 24/03/2016

Your résumé/CV is your gateway to landing an interview and receiving a possible job offer. If it is not well-written, you could miss the chance to meet with a prospective employer, which is one of the many issues most job-seekers face.

Therefore, avoid being stereotyped or misunderstood. Give yourself a better chance of getting invited for interview(s). When constructing your résumé/CV, pay close attention to the following common errors:

1) Bad Grammar
Like a bad habit, bad grammar can happen as a result of using too many slang in day-to-day life.
Solution: Get a teacher friend or established professional to proofread your résumé/CV before you send it out, to help pick out any slips and misses that might be picked up by grammar pedants. Also, read your résumé/CV out loud to make sure it sounds right i.e. correct use of tenses, wide range of vocabulary (not repetitive words), double check simple mistakes like “their/ there,” “your/ you’re.”
Getting all this right shows you truly pay attention to detail.

2) Spelling Mistakes
Solution: Do not rush through completing your CV. Typos happen all too easy. For example, we would not recommend to an employer a candidate who ‘revolves customer problems and inquiries’ or ‘knows how to use a laptap.’

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To MBA or Not to MBA… That truly is the [right] Question

Titilope 16/03/2016

In this competitive world we have found ourselves in today, being mediocre often translates to being a failure. Everyone is striving to be great, if not the best, and one of the ways we go about pursuing greatness is through Higher Education.

Furthermore, there was the time having merely a high school/ secondary school degree was enough. But now, even a Bachelor’s degree is not as sufficient anymore. The number of individuals with Masters and Doctorate/Professional degrees has increased exponentially within the last five years, making them the most sought-after forms of higher education. The question then becomes, should one pursue an advanced degree and when is the best/right time to do so?

Most people believe the most appropriate time to pursue an advanced degree is right after school(undergraduate level). They want to get it all over and done with, so that when they have finally graduated, they can take on employment full force. Some others believe to have gathered a few years of work experience first before pursuing the advanced degree. Then there’s that other segment that do not see the point/ necessity of an advanced degree- except it is currently demanded for a particularly job/ career path. As everyone has their views, here’s ours:

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Employee Retention: How To Keep Your Valued Workers Happy

Titilope 07/03/2016

Losing employees is inevitable!

As an employer, you will lose employees along the way. Some may be your worse assets while some others may be quite mediocre, but still useful in terms of lightening the workload on others on the job. However, the lose with the most impact has to be losing your best assets, especially if it is due to controllable factors like negligence from management, a bad supervisor, or not showing appreciation when it’s due; among other reasons. So how can an employer manage his/ her most productive employees?! One important step is listening to your employees and understanding their needs/ wants. If you do not already have an idea of their concerns, encourage a feedback platform.

G.A.I.N. did a survey of 30 employees working in varying companies, asking them to list 3 things that would make them stay in an organization. The following results were obtained below:

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Considering a Career Change? The Dos and Don’ts

Titilope 01/03/2016

You started off with a degree in Biotechnology and now you work in a Human Resources department. Or perhaps you spent 4 years working as a Customer Service agent but now have a job role as a Product Analyst. Guess what? You are not alone in the world. There are several other people who have had cause to change their career paths along the way and several more who are considering that transition but don’t know how.

First thing you need to know about going through a career change is IT WILL NOT COME EASY. Once you understand that and still want to make the plunge, then keep reading…

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